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An English phrase "Nobody is perfect" is applied in Odoo also. This widely accepted open-source software also has some limitation. Odoo gives all the ingredients to bake an "ERP" cake, and with our Odoo service, we put icing on the cake.


E-commerce Solutions

We’re well equipped to provide your business the most suitable website which enables your customers a seamless user experience.

CMS, WordPress, Drupal

We develop Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to efficiently manage site content.


PHP and JS Development

We provide software development services in PHP, Drupal, Python, JavaScript / jQuery, and many other modern technology.

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Effective Web Development Solutions

We Test A Lot. Just To Be Sure.

Until your new website is launched and sign up for the project, we provide rigorous testing for all major device types, browsers and operating systems. Tests are carried out as a user and an administrator to ensure the modernity and responsiveness of your web.

All Channels We Use For Testing Are Safe.

In terms of design of your site, we use complicated content collection software that allows you to view content. In addition, during the creation process you have access to the safe placement or test environment on our servers.

Web Developement Service


Odoo Migration Services


Either you are migrating from one version of Odoo to another or coming to Odoo altogether from some other platform, migration is always painstaking.


  • Rigorous study of client’s setup to develop the roadmap for proper migration.
  • Providing Testing services before and after deployment to ensure closure of any discrepancies.
  • Enabling Odoo migration and enhancements solutions to our clients.


Odoo SAAS Development


Cloud computing is taking the market by storm. And Odoo Saas makes it possible for you to have Odoo at your disposal without worrying about physical setup. It brings scalability, minimal maintenance and uninterrupted access to Odoo from anywhere.

Odoo SaaS development is one of our major focus because it offers optimal solution to every business especially for small to medium sized companies while being light on their pockets.

We not only cater to the clients using Odoo SaaS but also provide opportunities to the client who are looking to set up a Odoo SaaS server at their end.


  • We develop the modules which are compatible with Odoo SaaS.
  • We aim to pace with the advancement of technology by bringing businesses to the Cloud Platform with Odoo.
  • Enabling businesses to realize Odoo SaaS server at their end.
  • Innovating, Implementation and Setting Up the Odoo As SaaS Service Server for clients.


Odoo Customization Services


We know one size won’t fit all which is why we put the perfect handcrafted cogs in place so you can use Odoo as per requirements.


  • We take care of small to Major Odoo customizations requests.
  • We optimize the performance of your Odoo Database to deliver highly efficient and faster performance.
  • Customizing third party modules to make them even better.
  • We provide services to Append Features to Odoo Modules according to your needs.
  • Build Modules From Scratch for you.
  • Easing Odoo usage and expanding its usability through thoroughly tested customizations for each of our clients as per their requests.


Odoo POS Development


POS is everywhere because it’s fast, durable, and easy to use and manage. Odoo POS covers all these points and more. It is advanced enough to provide you with a plethora of features for your store management. And easy enough to customize and mold to your needs.

  • We make Odoo POS more efficient and user-friendly; to improve queue management in your store.
  • Providing POS hardware and Software solutions and alternatives to reduce dependency on IoT Box.
  • Developing customer-centric modules for Odoo POS.
  • Handling customizations requests from clients all over the world.
  • We cater to clients wanting to Make Odoo POS Faster to load with POS Speed Up development.


Odoo Marketplace Pioneers


As the focus on localization in e-commerce takes wings, the marketplace becomes more and more powerful to bring local businesses to one place. Brick & Mortar shops are realizing the power of eCommerce; more and more shops are moving towards having their identity on the internet.


  • Frontrunners in implementing, optimizing, and setting up the marketplace on your Odoo.
  • Odoo Marketplace offers a perfect solution to start your own marketplace locally or internationally.
  • All this is because Odoo is easily customizable and scalable to your requirements; bring sellers to your online Marketplace with Odoo.


Odoo Themes Development


Because Appearance Matters – Graphically appealing websites elicit more responses from the visitors. This is where the Odoo themes come in.

But the Best Themes are those that not only improve your website Aesthetically but also add new functionalities to improve customers’ convenience and experience on your website.


  • We develop themes for Both Odoo websites and their Backend that are highly responsive.
  • Optimized for performance, loading time, and SEO.
  • We also customize our themes to make them compatible with third-party modules on your Odoo.


Odoo Multi-Platform Integration Services


Operating websites over Multiple e-commerce platforms is as lucrative as it is beneficial. But the added management cost and resources needed can sometimes be overwhelming.

Most of the sellers now have shops on multiple platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, etc. Multiplatform interoperability means you can manage all the systems from one place only.

That is what Odoo can do for you. And this is where we come in…


  • We develop software that connects different e-commerce platforms with ODOO so you can manage them even more effectively.
  • Develop effective and easy-to-use Odoo Multi-Channel Connectors so you can manage multiple websites at once.
  • Studying closely the market trend and current inclination towards various channels to develop the right products for our clients.
  • We not only develop but also optimize and customize the Odoo connectors as per our client’s requirements.


PWA Development For Odoo eCommerce


PWAs are the Perfect amalgamation of website and mobile apps. They offer fluidity of websites and incorporate features of native mobile apps.

Today, PWAs are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as they do not take device space, are inherently secure, and much more.

  • The Odoo eCommerce PWA aims to improve the mobile browsing experience of the customers.
  • It provides features such as offline browsing, push notification integration, cache support, etc.
  • Provide solutions to customers seeking to enhance speed, features, and usability on their website for use on mobile devices.

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