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Digital marketing is all about promoting your product via all the possible electronic methods. It might consist world wide web, email marketing, text messages, online advertisements, pay per click etc. To connect with right audience, you need to concentrate on the areas, where their maximum focus is in. In order to completely blend with the concept of digital marketing, it is important to get known with its features and importance. Unlike traditional marketing, real time scenario is its favourite path. Regardless of your company’s worth, digital marketing promises to fetch the right customers for you. Success rates are quite higher in the digital marketing. The only difference between a successful and a failed business is the conversion of traffic into sales. Not everyone who goes through your site is adding to your sales. Perhaps, digital marketing is the technique of attracting right customers to your site. Let’s have a close look on the functions of digital marketing. It would take you through its importance.


1.BUILD UP STRATEGIES WITH DATABASES – with the help of digital marketing, you can build up numerous strategies to maintain your site. You can go through the number of views you received in 24 hours. There are many factors which digital marketing can take you through, which are –


  • Count of people visiting your site.
  • Their geographic location.
  • Traffic count from different gadgets.
  • Variation in traffic rates.


This move helps one to prioritize the social channels and improve your moves. The real time data provided by SEO company in Delhi or outside helps in the analysis of the effect of your marketing strategies. You can invest in the valid strategies only.



2. CALCULATING ENGAGEMENT – imagine yourself printing a brochure and distributing it to the audience. At the end, you will be unknown to several factors such as – how many people liked it? What was their reaction to your firm? You cannot determine the nature of impact people gave on it. Digital marketing helps to calculate the engagement of the customers. You can even gather the reaction of audience they gave upon your content.


After analyzing the content which is more appreciated by the people, you have the option to emphasize on it by promoting it with all possible permutations and combinations which is also known as Content Marketing.



3. ENHANCED RATES OF CONVERSION – till traffic arriving over your web page doesn’t gets converted into sales, all your efforts and tactics go waste. Or else, you can define success to the conversion of traffic to sales in the terms of digital marketing. Since it is said that digital marketing offers more conversion rates, people are streamlining the concept of digital marketing to their business. You can further make use of many tools and techniques such as – email marketing, search engine optimization etc. It allows quick and effective communication with the targeted audience.




4. COST EFFECTIVE PLATFORM – since digital marketing requires less capitalization, it is treated as one of the most cost effective platforms. Many of the respondents claimed that digital marketing has helped in fluctuating their budget up to 40%. You can boost up your customer engagement. It would allow you to share the content such as schedule and time at one go. Without having much of resources small businesses can indulge with multiple customers of their taste. Digital marketers are in benefit of cost per lead as compared to other channels of marketing. This platform keeps the potential to completely remove the reliability on traditional marketing.




5. BETTER REVENUE – higher conversion rates are equally responsible for higher revenues. In terms of good generation of revenues, digital marketing has a big role to play behind. In expectancy to higher conversion and better revenues, small and average enterprises tend to completely rely on this channel. Google has claimed that one has 3.3 times more chances to earn better revenue than those who do not choose digital marketing as their platform. In order to expand your workplace, there is nothing better than this platform.




6. REACHING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE – digital marketing emphasizes on helping to reach the business men to right audience. Or you can say this channel helps in connecting with the targeted customers. Targeted customers are the one who can add upon to your sales. While interacting with the right customers you can get an insight of what your customer needs from you. This can help you up in setting the right moves towards your goals. Where as, in traditional marketing it is next to impossible to connect with all your customers in one go and define their requirements and expectations. This vital information leads to development of good relationship between developer and stakeholder. In order to a good business, loyalty and trust of consumer is more importance. Other social channels fail to recognize these key factors to success.



7.CATERING TO MOBILE CONSUMERS  – according to a research, Americans keep their phones along with them most of the times. It simply means that digital marketing is catering to the mobile consumers. It is appropriate time to make a step towards mobile customers. They can help you in growing and expanding their business up to 20%. mobile customers have proved themselves to be an alternative for laptop and mobile users. Most of the Mobile App users turn out to be the people who convert sites traffic into actual sales.




8. BRAND REPUTATION – attracting targeted customers reveals the power of digital marketing. This nature of audience is already prepared to purchase in your product, service. Least chances, in knowing about your brand and engage with it for their future needs. There are plenty of SEO services in Delhi , SEO services in noida that makes sure what you promise to your customers is delivered according to that. The satisfied customers tend to discuss about your brand to their circle. As estimated, your brand will earn a certain level of reputation and move one step ahead in reaching its target. It will open up the doors for new opportunities and much more. As soon as you increase the reliability of your site, you tend to gain trust of your customers more rapidly.




9.CUSTOMERS CAN TAKE FAVORABLE ACTION – unlike traditional marketing, digital channels can make use of technology and let people take favorable action towards their brand. This favorable technology might lead to registration, fill attractive forms, provide their contact number, feedback or download their brochure. This move is clever enough to convert traffic into sales. Specifically known as “Calls to action”, it determines that what customer should do next. In order to make calls to action successful, customized buttons, optimized forms, color, patches are taken care of.



10. SURITY OF ONLINE SURVIVAL – it is a very normal thing if a customer enters your store, precisely looks over something, tampers and leave. Same goes to the digital channel. This marketing ensures not necessarily a lot of not worthy traffic but some group of highly targeted customers. These highly targeted ones are those who increase your conversion rate. Your business would definitely exist online if you keep on adding highly recommended customers to your site. Digital marketing is the platform which at least ensures your existence over internet especially in the market where you don’t have even a place to stand.





11. IMPROVEMENT IN OUTREACHING THE CUSTOMERS – traditional methods involve outreaching the crowd via newspapers, television etc. But in the world of artificial intelligence, everybody relies over internet even for their basic needs. Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing doesn’t bound itself to a particular geographic location. After many reports and research, if you aren’t making use of digital marketing to promote your brand, you are loosing many opportunities which can take you out of your imaginations. Digital channel is the best path for your publicity. And all this is possible by few clicks and an innovative mind. Your strategy strengthens and you can outreach the suitable people.




12. AN EYE ON COMPETITORS   – keeping a close eye on competitors is considered as vital as focusing on your own strategies. You should be aware of your competitors; it would reflect the position of your brand in the market. You can take help of your experts and look into the tactics of your competitors. Where as, in any other mode of channel, this is not possible. It becomes next to impossible to determine your position in the market. You have to gather resources and after that you still aren’t sure about your market value.





So these were some of the benefits of digital marketing which not only reflect its importance but make you aware about some facts which you were unknown to. With the help of digital marketing you can make some of the correct and important decisions of your business without any thought of uncertainty. There is just a line between success and failure, this line either can be crossed or remain untouched and all the difference lies in your marketing strategies. So before involving with any other channel keep digital marketing in your mind and then choose one.


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