How to Crack Social Media Marketing

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How to Crack Social Media Marketing


Businesses of all sizes are getting on to the Social Media platform to market their brands. With myriads of social sites, digital marketing is an appropriate tool to expand your business reach. It is also important for Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to your website. Plus using strategic SMO helps in creating brand awareness. So, let’s figure out how to successfully run Social Media marketing.


Link it up


Whatever you post on social networks, make sure that you link it up. Attaching links in your blog posts aid in generating traffic, and give more info about what you do. Shorten the lengthy link using URL shortener such as or Bitly. This link shortener also tracks the number of clicks your shortened links have earned.


Using Appealing Pictures


Picture speaks a thousand words; it draws more attention than text. Use striking pictures to grab attention to your posts and link it up before posting. Also, adding text to the images make it more engaging.


Time your Posts


No matter how good your content is but if you share it at a time when your audience is not active, it loses its value. Try to figure out the time when the target audience becomes active. They mostly are active during the weekdays and office hours. Weekends are not a good time to share something big as most of them go offline.


How to Use Twitter


Use keywords relevant to your business in your tweet.


Know whom to follow. Following people just for the sake of it will yield no great results. It’s about having followers who are genuinely interested in your service.


Increase the frequency of tweeting as Twitteratis may miss out.


Limit your tweets under 120 characters for followers to retweet without editing.


Be where your Audience are


Being present on every Social Media platforms won’t help. It will waste your time and you won’t be able to chart out proper strategies for effective marketing. Be active where most of your audience are. Focus on not more than two or three social channels. This will also give you time to interact with them.


Appropriate Hashtags


Almost, everywhere be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest, you see hashtags being attached in every post. Using hashtags blindly in every updates may not be a good idea. Do some keywords research to understand the trending ones but relevant to your business. You can also create a new, simple, short and informative hashtag to promote your campaign.


Building Relationships


Social media is about building relationships. When your fans share your posts, appreciate their gesture. A simple ‘Thank You’ will do a lot of good for your brand. Strike a conversation with them to get feedback about your offerings, do it consistently, and be answerable. Having a strong base of followers on Social Media will also boost your SEO.


Do a Google Analytics before and after using these tactics, and you will see the remarkable difference between the two.


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