How Ecommerce Service in India Helps in Driving Organic Traffic?

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For e-commerce websites, SEO is a low-hanging fruit opportunity. Although SEO provides one of the best returns on investment (ROI) of any ecommerce marketing effort, search engines are often given little to no thought when building online storefronts. E-commerce service in India can help you get more and more traffic to your website. So, choosing such a digital marketing company is a best decision to earn more profit and leads.


Instead, a lot of individuals rely on sponsored commercials or social media, which can be great for businesses but typically necessitate ongoing work and funding. Each year, businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising, and this cost is only increasing.


On the other hand, SEO mainly demands effort up front; but, if you rank, you can effectively generate sales without any ongoing costs.


In light of this, knowing SEO best practises might aid in your E-commerce SEO India company development.


On-Page SEO Strategy


Making sure your keywords are in the appropriate places is the main focus of E-commerce SEO strategy for ecommerce systems. It helps to ensure that Google understands exactly what your page is about.


Because it aids in your appearance in additional Search Engine Results Page (SERP) elements, on-page SEO is crucial.


The following are some of the elements that affect SERP ranking:


Ecommerce keyword research


The very first stage in any e-commerce SEO effort by a E-commerce company in India is keyword research.


One of two things will occur if you make a mistake in this section:


You won’t reach page one since you’ll target keywords that are too challenging to rank for.
Instead, a lot of individuals rely on sponsored commercials or social media, which can be great for businesses but typically necessitate ongoing work and funding. Each year, businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising, and this cost is only increasing.


1. Determine if you are choosing the right keywords.

Unless you use a site like Ahrefs, you probably won’t have keyword information for the terms you selected. To choose which keywords to utilise, you must consider keyword difficulty, search volume, and buyer intent.


You can acquire an approximate estimate of search volume and CPC using Google Keyword Planner to ascertain buyer intent. It does not, however, provide you with spread or keyword difficulty (KD).


Consider developing a keyword matrix if you’re serious about improving your SEO and maximizing the spread of your keywords.


2. Use Amazon for keyword research.


Amazon is a gold mine for high buyer intent keywords because the majority of searches on the site are done with the intent to buy.


Start putting your seed term into Amazon to find keywords. As a result, Amazon will spit out ideas for autofill. Put all of these keyword suggestions in a Google spreadsheet for subsequent use.


As you may expect, this could take a while if you have hundreds or thousands of products. The Amazon Keyword Tool can help with that.


3. Find keywords through competitor research.


You can leverage the websites of your rivals if they appear higher in search results than you do to get keyword suggestions. Enter your keyword into Google first, then select a rival and look through their category and product pages for potential keywords.


Remember that there are additional things to consider, such as domain authority, before using the same keyword as your rivals just because they outrank you.


4. Use Ahrefs to help you find keyword opportunities.


Ahrefs is a superb SEO tool all around. It is useful for many things, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink development, and more.


You may view built-out reports of keyword rankings on your site and those of your competitors using its simple methodology, enabling you to evaluate how you compare and where you can improve.


Link Building Strategies


Social Media Optimization (SMO)


Google is more concerned with the following two ranking factors:


1. Content.
2. Links.


More than almost any other ranking factor, backlinks from other websites with strong domain authority to your website can raise its rankings.


The four distinct link-building options listed below are among the most efficient and simple to understand:


1. Resource page link building.


Without a better term, resource pages are pages that are packed with resources related to your sector.


They can take on several shapes, frequently as a blog post or simply a straightforward, static page. Even while they might not have the same authority as blogs, static pages are often more simpler to create and can help you rank better. Despite the fact that the latter may not give you authority because of the page’s massive quantity of links, they are considerably simpler to obtain and will help your rankings.


2. Partnering with influencers.


Influencers are persons in your business or area that don’t directly compete with you but have a sizable following and/or a highly ranked website.


Influencer marketing is definitely something you’ve heard about. But working together with influencers for SEO is a little different.


The objective is to have a link back to your website from their website rather than paying an influencer to promote your goods on social media. This might be a link to an existing page on their website or a blog post with product details.


3. Broken link building.


One of the best and simplest link-building strategies is broken link construction, sometimes known as “creating links by fixing the internet.”


It works by checking websites in your field for broken links using a browser plugin like Check My Link. For a double-whammy, you can search resource sites or blog entries about your subject.


4. Guest posting.


Link building is made easier by utilising guest posting on sites and in articles. It can assist your website in developing connections with industry leaders and websites, leveraging their knowledge and audience to broaden the exposure of your own website.


You can improve your SEO keyword rankings by gaining high-quality links to and from your site through guest posting.


The Final Word


From social media to paid advertisements to email, there are many ways to increase visitors. However, only search traffic is dependable, cost-free, self-sufficient, and quite simple to obtain.


Learning the ins and outs of e-commerce service in India can alter your business if you want your site to get a lot of traffic and attract the visitors you want.


Sales can increase tremendously as a result of a straightforward SEO effort. What’s best? You don’t need to wait years to accomplish it. It won’t take you long to get there if you follow this advice.


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