How Can You Increase Traffic on Websites for Small Businesses?

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Growing traffic is just one aspect of developing an effective website. Getting users who are actually relevant to your business is the main goal. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about increasing website traffic as well as how to obtain more visitors to your website.


Why Should You Care About Monitoring Website Traffic?


If you want to raise your business revenue, increasing traffic to your website is essential. It can provide you with a good knowledge about how visitors engage with your website! How long did visitors stay on a specific page? Did they visit your webpage and then leave right away?


You may learn a lot about your target client base’s needs and what you need to modify to keep their attention and business by tracking website traffic data. Here are a few insights you can gain from tracking website traffic that you can then use to determine how to boost website traffic.


How Can You Monitor Your Website Traffic?

You must start by tracking your website traffic in order to discover the solution to growing website traffic. You can use a variety of analytics tools on the internet to track website traffic and any other factors you want to pay close attention to! You may track metrics like how a certain user arrived at your website, the pages they visited, how long they stayed on each, whether they filled out or completed any forms, whether they made any purchases, etc. using analytics software. Along with the device the user is using, you also receive demographic information about their age, gender, and region.

You can use the following tools to keep track of website traffic:


1. Google Analytics


Google declares 99.68% of the Indian mobile search engine market as of July 2021! You can use the massive amount of traffic data available in its free version to figure out how to drive more people to your website. It enables ecommerce tracking so you can keep track of sales and lets you see your visitors’ locations (country, city, etc.), sources (organic, direct, paid, etc.), and more!


2. Kissmetrics


It’s simple to use and integrate Kissmetrics, a well-known paid analytics tool, so you can monitor how users interact with your website and identify potential problems. If you’re attempting to determine how to increase traffic to your website through marketing tactics, Kissmetrics is also really helpful!


3. ClickTale


As ClickTale is so good at tracking sessions, you can observe exactly how one particular visitor uses your website over time! It assists you in determining which elements of your website are functioning well and which ones require some tweaking to make them popular with your audience.


How Can You Increase Website Traffic?


The big question is how to grow website traffic now that we are clear on the significance of focusing on the positive form of traffic, or website traffic.

Here are a few strategies you can consider to chart out how to increase website traffic.

1. Create Compelling Content


You can use a variety of content formats, including –


  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter
  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Email
  • Videos


Even though not every business must employ every content type, using a variety will help you connect with a wider range of customers.


2. Keywords


You must include primary, secondary, and supplementary keywords of each type in your article. Of course, the main focus of the article should be the main keyword. Secondary keywords provide a small modification to the principal keyword. Other closely similar keywords that are expressed or spelled differently from the major and secondary keywords are known as additional keywords.


How Can You Increase Traffic on Websites for Small Businesses?

3. Stay Active on Social Media


You need to stay active on top-performing social media sites that includes –


  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook


4. Leverage the Power of Backlinking


Although this requires interacting with other companies and websites in your specialty, backlinking—the process of having external, third-party sources link to your website or content—is a great approach to attract audiences who already exist in other niches.


The importance of backlinks might be summed up as a “vote of confidence.” They specifically tell the search engines that other people are validating your content. Search engines consider your material to be valuable for linking to if multiple websites connect to the same web page.


5. Include Some Guest Posts


Writing a blog article as a guest for another website is known as guest posting. This is quite useful for increasing traffic to your website and obtaining backlinks. Additionally helpful in raising business recognition are guest postings. It nearly seems like a win-win circumstance.


6. Remember the Search Intent


SEO is matching your content to the search intent of the consumer. You must provide content that is relevant to searches if you want to get found on Google.




When you start a business, you quickly learn that while producing good or even the best service in the world is crucial, it will not guarantee you the success and user base you require. It would be nice if you also spread the news. That’s where Eglogics, a Digital Marketing Company can help. By doing what we do best, creating and implementing customized strategies to improve your website traffic, we free you up to concentrate on what you do best.


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