Google Maps Tricks – Unbelievable Hidden Tricks for Google Maps

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Google Maps is the most popular online mapping service from Google that simplifies the process of locating places, measuring distances and navigating through roads. But, the functionality of Google Maps has been widened, and its perspective and offerings have improved with time. So we all need some tricks to make searching on Google Maps more easy.


Google is no longer a word, it is a habit; a good habit which find its existence in our day-to-day activities. It is our biggest savior; be it a query, a quest or a reference, we always prefer to “Google It”. Standing in 2017, there are multiple roles Google is playing in our lives with a plethora of products such as – Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Chrome (browser), (search engine), Google Play Store, Google Drive (cloud storage), Google+, Google News, Android Pay, Google Wallet, etc.


Consumers responding percentage varies significantly when it comes to the usage of these products. According to the stats shared by Statista, Gmail is the most popular Google product among the US population. Almost 69% of responding consumers use Gmail to communicate with the world via computers and mobiles, which is an expected and obvious result. But, you will be surprised to know that Google Maps is the second most popular Google product. It has been noticed that 66% of responding consumers use Google Maps at least occasionally. It is surprising that Google Maps surpasses the popularity of Google Chrome (browser) and (search engine). We are more accustomed to that any other Google product. But, the survey report showcases a totally different scenario.


The other Google products’ shares of responding consumers are:


YouTube: 65%
Google Chrome (browser): 62% (search engine): 54%
Google Play Store: 30%
Google Drive (cloud storage): 29%
Google+: 17%
Google News: 16%
Android Pay: 7%
Google Wallet: 5%


Let us focus on Google Maps, to study its continuous rise of popularity among consumers. The most interesting fact is that Google Maps navigates around 12 billion miles of roads each year across the globe. Studies indicate that utilization of Google Maps is no longer restricted to finding a location. It encompasses several other features to make journeys smoother and enjoyable.


Unbelievable Google Maps Tricks Hidden from You!
Industry experts have dug out some unbelievable Google Maps tricks and tips which were hidden from you till now. These hidden tricks will definitely give you an idea on why you should rely on this particular product. A detailed analysis of leveraging each trick to the maximum so that they directly impact Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, and other digital marketing services & campaigns.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #1 Add Home and Work


Add your ‘home’ and ‘work’ at your Google Maps to find:


the shortest route between the two,
the current traffic status, and
the time it will take you to reach.


You can try this Google Maps trick with the support of Google Now, where you will find stickers of each type of location, from which you can select and place them on the map.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #2 Send Info to your Phone


Sign in with the same email ID on your PC and phone, then you will be able to send location details and direction details from your PC to your phone. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to transfer data or info from computer to phone. So, to simplify it, Google Maps have allowed share this information through email, app, chat or SMS.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #3 Add Depart at or Arrive by


Mention your departure time or your arrival time on Google Maps, to find the traffic condition of your route. This may not be the accurate report of the road, but you will surely get an idea. If you put “Leave now” or ”Depart at” and put the desired location, then you will find how much time will it take you to reach to that place. You will be shown different options like by car it will take 3 hours, by bus it will take 5 hours, by rail it will take 4 hours, etc. It will show recommendations which route is the shortest and fastest among all suggestions provided. Any further details will also be specified like “This route has tolls”. This is one of the best Google Maps tricks that can be used by businessmen and marketers to attend the meetings on time.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #4 Get Transit Information


Google Maps is not about locating a place or getting the direction to that place, there is much more to this. If you are new to a place and have no idea about the different transit options of that place, you can surely rely on Google Maps. It will give you the details of all forms of transits, along with its arrival timings and stoppage details. It will also provide the timing when you last arrived at that place, contact details and photos of the particular place.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #5 Scroll through Timeline


You will be amazed to know that Google remembers more than you and knows a lot about you. If I ask you where were you last month 14th, you will hardly be able to recall. But, if you utilize this Google Maps trick you will certainly be able to answer the question. It will not only tell you where you were, but what route you took, where you took breaks, how much time you spend and what all photos you clicked. But, in case you want to keep your private life secret, you can turn off the timeline feature in Google Maps.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #6 Enable Wi-Fi Only


One more hidden Google Maps trick is the new ‘Wi-Fi only’ feature. From the name itself, it is quite clear that the preference is given to Wi-Fi, that means Google Maps will work online only when it is connected to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, whenever it is connected to cellular data or mobile data, the Google Maps app will work offline. This feature has been designed to save your mobile data and to reduce the unnecessary use of it.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #7 List Down Starred Places


One more latest Google Maps feature is the ‘Starred places’ feature, where you can save locations to a list. You can save the places as ‘favourites’, ‘want to go’ or ‘starred places’. You can create a list based on the categories and segregate the different places as per your choice. This list will be available to you only as the default setting is ‘private’ in this feature. But, later if you want you can surely share these lists with your friends and family by making it ‘public’.


Hidden Google Maps Trick #8 Use Avoid Option


Google Maps is the best tool to find the easiest route. So, once you put your location and the destination, the different route options will be shown to you. Here, you will also find the option to avoid certain things like tolls, highways and ferries. If you want to avoid long queues and unnecessary payments, then you can surely avoid such routes.


It is not the end. There are several other Google Maps tricks that may be common for you or another set of hidden tricks. Those Google Maps tricks are:


Google Maps Trick #1 Use Time Travel – Virtual Time Machine


The time travel feature is denoted by a small stopwatch on Google Maps. It has revolutionized the process of street viewing with Time Travel, a virtual Time Machine which was introduced in 2014. It replaced the huge library of street imagery maps over the years.


Direction to Use this Trick:

Step 1: Go to Street View

Step 2: Now, click on Stopwatch icon.

Step 3: After clicking it, sliding scale will appear. In that go through street views.


Google Maps Trick #2 Add Multiple Stops to Your Journey


Usually people do not have a set starting and ending point of a journey. They start from destination A to reach destination B. But, the journey may require multiple stoppages and even Destination B may not denote end of journey. They may continue their journey to Destination C. Hence, adding multiple stops feature in Google Maps just adds to the usability.


Direction to Use this trick:


Step 1: Put start (A) and end point (B) of your trip

Step 2: Now, Add Stop

Step 3: Next, Drag and drop on the next spot that is to be added (C)


Google Maps Trick #3 Share Your Ride with Other People


In modern times, it is tough to afford conveyance on its own or depend on public transportation, especially in areas away from thriving metros. Many cab services have introduced sharing facilities, one of the best solutions to this everyday problem, spawning a whole new industry and forever changing commuting. Google Maps has given cab services such as Uber, Lyft, etc. the capability to offer these convenient services of sharing real-time location to people across the globe with other users. Here you can simply raise your request from your destination or for a friend and the cab will come to the ‘pick up address’. The best part is that while booking you will get all the information of the estimated time of ride and arrival as well as fare of the ride.


Direction to Use this Trick:


Step 1: Open the ride app

Step 2: Next, enter destination

Step 3: Now, Click on icon of the person who is waiting for ride.

Step 4: Finally, Get ride share option with estimated time and fare


Google Maps Trick #4 Create Your Custom Google Map


This is one of the more brilliant Google Maps tricks still hidden from us. Google Maps also gives the facility to create your own custom map on Google, known as ‘My Maps’. Here, you can mark those spots that are important to you and skip the rest. You can create your own route or road map. It is easy to create and share with anyone and everyone. You can also give other people access to edit by clicking on the share button, of course you can choose who can view and/or edit.


Direction to Use this Trick:


Step 1: Click on ‘Hamburger’ menu

Step 2: Now click on ‘Your places’

Step 3: Next, select ‘Maps’

Step 4: Finally, click on ‘Create Map’


Google Maps Trick #5 Delete Your Google Maps History


Google keep a close eye on whatever you search for and whichever activity you undertake on Google Maps. It also keeps a record of these activities. Google gives you the access to see those detailed history report on Here you can not only view the history of your searches and activities, but also can change, alter and delete them forever.


Direction to Use this Trick:


Step 1: Below the search bar, click on ‘Filter by date and product’

Step 2: Next, a pop-up query will appear

Step 3: Now, search by Date

Step 4: Next, click on ‘Maps’

Step 5: Now, click on 3-dots on top right

Step 6: Finally, choose the ‘Delete results’ option


Google Maps Trick #6 Get Traffic Report


The desktop version of Google Maps gives easy access to track real-time traffic on the road. It will also help you get information with regards to traffic patterns of a specific day on a specific time. This is extremely helpful as it will guide you on which road is to be chosen for travelling and which one is to be avoided.


Direction to Use this Trick:


Step 1: Click on ‘Hamburger’ menu

Step 2: Now, click on ‘Traffic’ link

Step 3: Next, choose the ‘Live traffic’ or ‘Typical traffic’ option

Step 4: Finally, see expected traffic patterns at specific times


Google Maps Trick #7 Measure Distance


You have the facility to measure the distance between any two spots in this world. You just need to choose two spots and Google Maps will help you measure the exact distance between them. It also helps to calculate the trip distance between the two places, for cars, public transport or if you plan to walk.


Direction to Use this Trick:


Step 1: Do right click on ‘Map’

Step 2: Now, choose Measure distance

Step 3: Next, select start and end points on Map

Step 4: Finally, calculate the distance.


Google Maps Trick #8 Navigate Offline


No internet or network problem on your phone will hamper your navigation on Google Maps. Everyone knows that without the internet, your searches get limited. But, Google Maps also provides offline navigation service through which you can download maps on your mobile and get directions.


Direction to Use:


Step 1: First, download maps on mobile

Step 2: Now, get turn-by-turn directions while offline

There are many more significant Google Maps tricks still hidden, that will stun you. These tricks will not only give you an overview of Google Maps facilities but will also equip you with the knowledge of the functionality of each feature.


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