Google AdWords Mobile Updates for 2016: The 5 Big Changes to PPC

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It happened again. Like clockwork, Google seems to make a big announcement revolving around the mobile-friendliness of their products every spring. They started their push back in 2013 with Enhanced Campaigns, and continued by adding new mobile-centric features, ad types, and search ranking factors each of the next two springs. The 2016 installment is out, and it involves some big changes to PPC. Here’s everything online advertisers need to know about the AdWords updates Google announced on May 24, 2016.


The 5 Big AdWords Changes


1. New Local Search Ads for Google Maps


Google refers to its’ new ad format as the next generation of local search ads. They will appear within Google Maps on mobile, desktop, and app versions of the site. The new ads feature replace pins with brand logos and special offers that appear on the surface of the map, not just to the side of the map. The new ad format opens up a lot of new local ad inventory for online advertisers. Google says several ad targeting context signals — time of day, behaviors, interests, similar users, and browsing history — will be utilized to help online advertisers get better bang for their buck in the new format.


2. In-Store Conversion Measurement


Even though in-store conversion measurements generated by AdWords ads isn’t a new thing, they are about to be available to far more types of business than ever before. Google estimates upwards of 1 billion physical store location visits have been recorded over the past couple years. All kinds of businesses will be able to better measure ROI and allocate ad spend with the new insights available for conversions. Presenters at the Google Performance Summit shared a particularly positive example of how Nissan UK used in-store conversion measurement to discover they were earning 25x ROI on customers who landed in the showroom floor after clicking on a mobile ad.


3. Responsive Display Ads


Soon, all you will have to do is submit an image, headline, description, and URL, and Google will be able to automatically create a responsive display ad for you. These ads will adapt to placement website and app content throughout the Google Display Network, including native ad inventory. It’s a welcome development that should all but dissolve headaches related to all the different formats display network advertisers have had to cope with (leaderboard, skyscraper, rectangle, square, etc.). The new responsive display ads will roll out later this year.


4. Expanded Text Ads


Mobile text ad headlines are expanding. Sometime in 2016, advertisers will be able to create two 30-character headlines, a significant increase of the old format which called for a maximum of one 25-character headline. Text descriptions will increase from two 35-character lines to one 80-character description line. Google says the early testing revealed some encouraging results for advertisers. At the summit, data they shared showed CTRs under the new ad format increasing by as much as 25 percent.


5. Device Bidding Changes


The current mobile bidding process requires advertisers to set bids as a multiplier on a base desktop bid. Google says they will offer more separation between desktop and mobile bids starting soon. Advertisers will have the option to set tablet bids and mobile bids independently or set them as dependent on each other.
Are You Ready for a Mobile-First World?


It’s clear that Google’s latest round of updates were no-brainers considering that mobile-based queries already represent more than half of the trillions of searches conducted on every year. Mobile searches, in general, are increasing rapidly, and location-based mobile searches are the hottest of all mobile search types, with a growth rate 50 percent faster than searches that aren’t location specific. Too many businesses are falling further and further behind as Google and the rest of the digital world moves to a mobile-first viewpoint. If you are ready to look for strategies that will bring your brand into the mobile age, contact EGLogics to discuss cutting-edge solutions.


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