10 Creative LinkedIn Internet Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Business

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Using LinkedIn for business is quite common now so if you want your business to flourish, it is good to keep some LinkedIn advertising tips handy. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be functional and personalized and here is how to make it that way.

The evolution of LinkedIn

LinkedIn started as a small networking site for B2B startups. Entrepreneurs came together to share their expertise with each other and develop business relations. LinkedIn marketing soon started becoming a thing as people started promoting their business over the platform. People started advertising their skills and their business. Eventually, LinkedIn evolved to become the virtual business hub it is today.

How to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool

LinkedIn marketing will help you reach out to thousands of interested people. But marketing on LinkedIn is not that simple.

When you try to use LinkedIn for business you must do it right. When on LinkedIn marketing strategy must be on point because you are not face-to-face with people, meaning you have no second chance to create an impression. So here is what you should do to successfully use LinkedIn for business.

  1. Use it as a lead generation platform

Most people use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for lead generation purposes.

LinkedIn is THE best option for lead generation. LinkedIn marketing accounts for over 80% effective leads generated via social media. Here is how you can use LinkedIn advertising to generate leads:

  • Turn your page into a lead generation page.
  • Keep the content fresh and unique.
  • Use relevant and catchy images.
  • Incorporate engaging content.
  • Make the page presentable and the content readable.
  • Use separate header and landing images.

  1. Strong company description

The next big thing after setting the perfect bait to generate leads is to create a strong pitch for your company. The traffic you generate must not get lost after a bit of entertainment. Create a compelling pitch for your company description for successful LinkedIn marketing.

State everything about the service, and achievements in short. This is why you asked for attention in the first place. So when you have it, make the best of it. While using LinkedIn for business, don’t forget to state the following:

  • Your primary target audience.
  • Your secondary target audience.
  • Your goals and motto.
  • The business ethics.

Just mention what you must, touching all these factors. Leave the elaboration for a fresh landing page.

  1. Keep the page active and conversion-focused

You must keep the page active with fresh content as already mentioned.

LinkedIn marketing is done to ensure that the leads generated convert to actual takers. Marketing on LinkedIn is all about getting the potential takers to click. In case the landing pages fail, the recent updates should get them. To draw people’s attention you need to:

  • Post regular updates.
  • Engage viewers with interactive posts and be present to cater to the attention.
  • Develop a communicative bond with potential conversion targets.

This is how you use LinkedIn marketing to engage interested people and keep them interested so that the leads can convert to clients.

  1. Creating a showcase page

You won’t get the advantage of a showcase page anywhere except on LinkedIn. This is why LinkedIn marketing strategy works better than any other social network marketing strategy.

Use LinkedIn for business. Everything else, is just social networking. With the showcase page on LinkedIn, you can segment the inbound traffic that your LinkedIn advertisement fetches. This is how you go about it:

  • Create a business unit that will have a direct connection with a relevant audience.
  • Go to the company page.
  • Click ‘Edit’.
  • Click ‘Create a Showcase Page’.
  • Make it conversion primed.
  • Keep only one target segment in one showcase page.
  • Keep a short name for the showcase page so that it fits in the display sidebar.
  • Use simple and relevant keywords in the heading and throughout.

Creating a showcase page for marketing on LinkedIn will help you with the following:

  • Better analytics.
  • Better presence in search results.
  • Vanity URL.
  • Relevant associates like eager employees and bloggers.

This LinkedIn marketing tip will give your business profile on LinkedIn a professional touch and set it apart from juvenile Facebook and Twitter attempts at business networking.

  1. Resort to advanced search

Waiting for inbound is not enough. Sometimes you need to go out there and generate some extra leads.

The advanced search on LinkedIn offers you what you need. Here is how you expand leads while marketing on LinkedIn:

  • Go to the LinkedIn header menu.
  • Click ‘Search people’.
  • Click ‘Advanced options’.
  • Filter your search as per your requirements.
  • Also keep an eye on leads coming in via your existing connections.

This is why you use LinkedIn for business. It is much more effective than fishing for leads in a sea of irrelevant targets.

  1. Save your searches

Once you have searched for gold, don’t forget to save them for later. Make sure you don’t just find the right people, do keep in touch with them.

This is why you use LinkedIn for business. Be consistent with your potential B2B partners. This will ensure high conversion and steady sales.

  • Go to ‘Advanced settings’.
  • Go to ‘Save search’.
  • Set up alerts if you want to. Go take regular checks even if you don’t.
  • Upgrade your subscription to access the best of this LinkedIn marketing strategy.

If you don’t upgrade choose your three saves very wisely.

  1. Focus on groups

You can search for relevant groups apart from searching for people. Do not search for groups instead of people though. Singular leads are always more relevant.

But do not skip groups either because with groups you increase your chances quantitatively.

  • Use relevant keywords to get to relevant groups.
  • Never stray from your checklist of target audience. You don’t want to waste your time and that of other people.
  • Go for the ‘very active’ groups. Redundant groups are as good as nonexistent.
  • Go for an average sized group. Unless you find a small group which looks like a perfect match for your profile or a huge one that looks eager.

You can also start your own group eventually. Create a standard for communication. Set a LinkedIn marketing tone for everybody to follow. Find a few likeminded partners to manage and moderate the groups. Make sure you keep promotions to a max 20% in the groups. Focus on relevant industry related topics. Groups are not the place to aggressively market your business. Consider this a LinkedIn advertisement ethic.

  1. Flex your LinkedIn marketing strategy as required

Change is the only constant as we all know. This universal truth also applies to LinkedIn for business.

You need to keep modifying your LinkedIn marketing strategy to fit the need of the hour. Marketing requirements will be different from the point of inception when a business starts getting popular.

  • Use the Analytics from the ‘other pages’ option.
  • Review your showcase page.
  • Review the inbound tendencies.
  • Make adjustments as and when required.
  • Hire a team for the purpose but always oversee everything personally.

You need to constantly keep monitoring your LinkedIn marketing effectiveness and keep things fluid and adaptive.

  1. Patient wooing pays off

One of the most important tips, not only when it comes to LinkedIn marketing, but also in life, is patience. You can’t just demand what you need and expect to get it. You need to have a smooth way about it. Do not go for a pitch immediately. Increase your connections first.

Here is how you go about it:

  • Send out the invites.
  • Do not go for a pitch the very first day.
  • Send them something free instead. It could be a tip or an offer relevant to their business.
  • Make sure it is important, but a small offer so that they won’t decline it.
  • Once you have established yourself as helpful, throw in a pitch. It will be difficult to decline.

Yes, this is manipulative. But that’s business acumen. People feel obliged to return the favor. You aren’t exploiting anybody, just making sure you get your way.

  1. Include the Whole Team

Make sure there is wholehearted involvement from your partners in the LinkedIn advertisement and LinkedIn marketing strategy plans. Marketing on LinkedIn will set the tone of your business.

Make sure every important person is involved in the shaping of this tone or image which will eventually become the brand image for your company. Don’t leave out any of the following:

  • Investors
  • Chief editors
  • Managers
  • B2B associates
  • Directors
  • Anybody involved since the inception
  • Anybody who has been a valuable addition even recently

Make sure there is no space for a disagreement later. Make all decisions regarding the LinkedIn marketing strategy after consulting the important people. Once a LinkedIn advertisement is out, it is highly unprofessional to take it down. So, make your decisions together.

Follow these LinkedIn marketing tips and you are good to go. When you use LinkedIn for business, make sure you are taking full advantage of this perfect platform. When you think social media marketing, think LinkedIn marketing.


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