9 Reasons To Know Why Visitors Tend to Ignore Your Website

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As a blogger, you do everything on your website (like Implementing latest UI/UX design, writing great content, Product videos etc.) to generate high traffic. But, in spite of all this, if you are unable to achieve the goal, it demotivates you, and you wonder why it has happened?

Apart from publishing quality content and creating back links, there are other important features that require more attention to increase the website traffic.

In this blog, we will discuss why do visitors ignore or leave your blog without spending enough time.

Also, we will bring to your notice some of the weak points of a website, which if fixed can make a significant impact on visitors count.


1. Your website is very slow


An average user waits for 2secs- 3secs for a webpage to load.

Nobody likes to wait for more than 3secs to get the desired information from a website, and if you are an owner of such a slow website then you are losing a significant amount of user traffic.

Website Loading Speed

Not getting enough user attention on the website will impact your Page ranking, as, instead of putting your website in front of your target audience, Google will give importance to some other fast loading site.

You will be surprised to know that Amazon loses almost $16 billion because of the delay of 1 sec in website loading.

You can check your website page speed in Google page insight tool and if you find that it is more than 3 secs, then optimize your website images to improve the speed of page loading.


2. Responsive Website


Today, Mobile users are in higher number as compared to Desktop users. So, all the search engines including Google give more attention to the websites which are responsive (performs well on both desktop and mobile).

Responsive Website

It is essential that you optimize your website both for desktops and mobile devices (laptop, tabs, mobile phone) so that your users can enjoy your content anytime anywhere.

With the help of Google’s Page insight tool, you can quickly check whether your website is responsive or not.

Google’s mobile-first indexing makes it mandatory for the website owners to make their site responsive.


3. Website with too many popups


We know that popups help in increasing the conversion rate. But, having too many popups will irritate the users as it interrupts the normal working of the user on the webpage and makes them dislike or leave your site.

Website with too many popups

If you use the popups judiciously, then it will not harm the SEO. But, we will advise you to use minimum pop-ups which will serve the purpose of both conversions and will not annoy your users.

Keep the following notes while using pop-ups on your website:

  • Easy option to dismiss the pop-up
  • No pop-up for returning visitors


4. Attractive Website Design


It is essential to make your website appealing with great UI to make the user feel comfortable and to drive more audience.

Attractive Website Design

Any website’s primary focus is to present the content in the right manner with user-friendly navigation to give users an excellent experience. Gifs and animations too play a major role for the same, but the content is still significant. Gifs and Animations might attract the user in the beginning, but without relevant information and easy navigation, the website or web page holds no value.

A good website has the following features:

  • Simple Web design
  • Easy to understand site features
  • Use of suitable colors
  • Useless slider and ads
  • Font size should be 16px to 18px


5. Attractive Website Design


While building a successful website, you invest in content, graphics, and many more features to attract users to your site and also enable ads posting on site to earn more.

But that doesn’t mean that you should display ads all over the places on your site. Just like pop-ups, ads also bother users and can harm the SEO of your website.

You should be careful about the placement of ads as it should not stop users from reading your content. So, put minimum ad units to earn better.


6. Website images are boring


Visuals are more attractive than the texts.

High Definition Images not only attracts the customer but also make your website beautiful. SEO experts say that a good image is equals to 1000 words. Research shows that a low-quality content with good image performs better than a high-quality content with a poor quality image.

So, it is essential to have a good and attractive image on your site along with the content.


7. The Website is not secure


In Google Chrome’s 68 version, A HTTP website is considered as a non-secured website. You can easily find this in a window tab.

The Website is not secure

If a new user opens your website and finds that it’s not a secure one, then he will leave your site immediately. HTTPs websites are more secure in comparison to HTTP sites. It gives confidence to the users to visit your site and spend time on it. If you have not installed SSL certificate on your site, then you must enable it now.

If you do not have the budget to purchase, then you can use free SSL certificates. After enabling SSL on your site, you must replace every HTTP link with HTTPs.


8. Websites with Poor Content


Website with high-quality content is way better! Keeping your site updated with the latest post is essential. Also, it has to be in line with your targeted user’s demand. The more informative content you will provide; the more visitors you will attract.

Good content not only helps in engaging a large target audience but also helps in acquiring high-quality backlinks.

A high-quality content has the following features:

  • No duplicate content
  • Follow Google Webmaster updates and its guidelines
  • Don’t mislead visitors with confusing title and content
  • Provide informative and relevant content


9. Websites with Poor Content


In most of the cases, the homepage of the website serves as the landing page. And, if you fail to engage your customer on the very first page, they will not bother to visit the other pages of your website.

Website homepage does not have enough content

It is crucial to provide your users with relevant and sufficient information on the home page so that they will be interested in knowing more about your product and services.

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