Blog Post What and Why Magneto?

What and Why Magneto?



What and Why Magneto?

A Platform for all kind of Commercial Needs…….
Magneto is the fastest growing e-commerce platform which has become everyone’s favorite in the recent times. It is an open source technology which allows the online businesses to grow and the website management becomes far easier and simpler than before. The administration interface allows the business professionals to manage the website through online management system which has powerful marketing, search engine optimization and the catalog management tools. There are a number of reasons due to which Magneto becomes a wonderful choice.
Customization : The customization feature in the e-commerce websites is of great importance. This is where it distinguishes itself from other platforms. In order to have a better website, one must be able to customize it to his or her own business theme, so that it makes the appearance more professional and apt.
Easy to use : One of the most important things related to this platform is its simplicity and ease of use. This makes it possible for the business professionals to manage the website all by themselves and therefore the resources are saved.
Cost cutting : Since it is an open source technology, it is available to everyone without spending any money. Also, the platform reduces the dependency on the technology and is easy to use. Therefore, the overall costs come down and the efficiency of any business goes up.
Compatibility : Magneto is highly compatible with the third party tools. In today’s online businesses, it is very much important that any website platform is compatible with the tools like Google, Paypal etc. The compatibility features is essential these days as most of the business features are related to these external tools. Therefore, the platform has a great advantage for onlinebusinesses.
Striking features : There are so many wonderful features in this platform which differentiate it from other platforms. There are customized tools and features which could be adjusted according to the needs of a business and could be leveraged to benefit it.
Hence, it is clear that this new website platform has a number of reasons for any online business to opt for it and make use of it to benefit themselves.

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