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Mobile App Vs Responsive Design



Mobile App Vs Responsive Design

Growth rate of mobile app market is too high, keeping the same thing in mind we really can’t ignore responsive design.
These days a number of businesses keep asking themselves – whether they should go with a mobile app, or responsive design of their website for the mobile devices. It is important to understand that in the recent few years the mobile market has grown a lot and it continues to grow further. Also, the number of internet users on the mobile devices has grown tremendously. Therefore, it is important to understand the problem and the various aspects of these two cases in order to come to any conclusion.
Mobile App
The first question that you need to ask yourself is that whether you need a mobile app or not. App is something which is not recommended for the small businesses and also in the cases where you have one to one interaction with the customers. You will have to understand the requirement of your customers. What kind of services you are offering – whether they need any service when they are offline. If they don’t then you can go ahead without making an app. But in case, there is a window of opportunity, you cannot avoid to have an app which has become an important requirement in today’s world, even though you will have to spend some money on it.
Responsive Design
Of course the website should be adjusted to the mobile devices, especially when you are not offering a mobile app. However it should be kept in mind that responsive design is not all about fitting your website in to a mobile screen but there are a large number of features that should be provided to make it more user-friendly. There are a number of customizations that you can make. Therefore, it is important to note that even in this case, if you truly want to become an effective player, you will have to spend enough money, may not be as much as for an app, but still enough. And therefore, you will have to make the decision wisely.
Therefore, the choice of these two platforms depends on the kind of business that you are offering and should be done with care. Then only your business will grow tremendously.

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