1. You supply your manuscript

We accept the most commonly used file formats. (See sidebar below right for complete list.)

2. We convert to ePub and .mobi

Our experts will convert your document so it can be read on all the major eReaders, including Amazon’s Kindle.

3. Approve your proof

BookBaby provides you with an ePub proof so you can make sure your eBook looks the way you want it to.

4. Start selling worldwide

We’ll distribute your finished eBook to our retail partners and you’ll officially be a published author.

Converting your manuscript to eBook formats doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact when you choose a Standard or Premium publishing package, we’ll do it for you. We will convert your document to work with all the most popular eReaders, including the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and more.

And what’s more, unlike other companies who use an automated conversion process, we have actual human beings do the conversion process to ensure a higher quality conversion, so your document is converted right the first time.

eBook conversion includes:

  • Conversion from your supplied file
  • 14-point eBook conversion preflight checklist
  • Insertion of your supplied cover image
  • Conversion of up to 5 (Standard Package) or 50 (Premium Package) graphic elements (photographs, illustrations, charts, tables)
  • Conversion of up to 250 pages (add $.50 per page over 250 pages)
  • Post-conversion QC check on popular eReaders
  • ePub format proof prior to distribution

eBook Graphics

We can handle graphics-heavy books!

Submit your book in any of the file types listed above and we’ll convert your first 5 (Standard Package) or 50 (Premium Package) graphic elements for free. After that, it’s just $2 each for your charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs and more. Learn more.

How to ensure the text in your file will convert properly

In order to properly convert a document to ePub, it must contain “real” text that isn’t rasterized or included within an image. To tell if your text is “real” there are a few things you can do:

If you have a PDF:
If you can select the text separately, then copy and paste it into a Word document, and all text, punctuation and formatting copies correctly, your document contains text that is ready for conversion.

If you have a Word document:
If you can select the text separately or modify it in any way, your document contains text that is ready for conversion. If your book has images that contain text, your final ePub file will also show that text as part of the image.