Using LinkedIn for business is quite common now so if you want your business to flourish, it is good to keep some LinkedIn advertising tips handy. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be functional and personalized and here is how to make it that way. The evolution of LinkedIn LinkedIn started as a small networking site
Landing pages are one of the key points in any kind of digital marketing strategy. You need them for everything – they generate conversions, get more contacts into your database, and help you understand what content your audience is willing to trade their personal information for. They’re a big deal. But what if your business
With more people than ever discovering new products or services on the Internet, it’s become critical to the success of modern company’s to implement powerful on-page SEO practices in order to stand out in the search engines. The problem is, many companies have no idea how to optimize their web pages for on-page SEO. Well,
Google has made a data update to the Google Search Console report specifically for mobile apps. The crawl status and crawl errors report was updated on January 23, 2017 to reflect a more accurate “number of app pages with URIs” Google is able to find within your mobile apps via Firebase Google App Indexing. The
long tail keywords
It’s time to reconsider how we think about long tail keywords. And it’s also time to reevaluate the process we use to research them. Search Google for ‘long tail keywords’, click on a result in the top 10, and you’ll get a definition that goes something like this: You’ll also get a crazy long process
Should you focus on perfecting your H1s and H2s, or should structured data demand all your on-page attention? While Google hasn’t completely pulled the rug out from under us, don’t let the lack of drastic change in page markup fool you. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand outlines where to focus your efforts when it comes
Inbound Marketing Strategy
                            You may be highly active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and moreover blogging on a regular basis and even utilizing finest organic SEO techniques, however not getting results. Sit back and relax, it happens with everyone who
Google Search Algorithm Update Signals
              Looks like on Thursday, December 15th there was a Google search algorithm shift. We have some chatter on social media and in the WebmasterWorld forums. It seems like a significant one, but I am hoping this is just a bug or something and that Google did not push

Goodbye News, Hello Top Stories

Monday, 26 December 2016 by
Top Stories
In October of 2014, Google launched “In the news“, replacing their traditional news vertical results with a broader range of sources from across the web. Last week, Google’s news results were shaken up again with the launch of “Top Stories”, a card-style set of featured stories. Here’s an example from a search for “John Glenn”:
                          It’s one thing to start a website, and another to actually make it successful. Most internet marketers fail when it comes to bringing in the website traffic they need, which can lead to potential leads and clients – in case you’re offering
It seems like just the other day that I made public my plans to “go mobile” with one of my sites.  In fact, it was months ago.  More to the point, I had a change of heart.  Yes, I did go mobile.  I went fully responsive, so that my site will look amazing on all
Social Media Meta Tags
                  How do you make sure that you reach to a broader audience? How do you optimize your outreach and realize your ultimate goal? Well that’s the power of social media platforms as they possess the amazing ability to integrate any web page into a social graph.